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RowKiwi t1_j86ue70 wrote

No, I'm not prepping. I don't have the energy for all that malarkey. I'm just gonna die in the chaos, get some rest finally.


Cognitive_Spoon t1_j875sp4 wrote

I don't have time or funds to prep, but I do have time to pay attention to who around me is prepping.


Justin_telligent t1_j87w6sv wrote

As shitty as it sounds ,people will go for a single investment in weapons and just loot your prepping ass


Caring_Cactus t1_j87d97y wrote

Damn bro I know you're half joking, but this hits real for many people, sad reality :(


BigMemeKing t1_j87a7ul wrote

I'm doing pre-workout for the next life if you will.


YobaiYamete t1_j87nmo4 wrote

"We've used AI to create a map of your personality and memories, so you can continue working even after death"


RowKiwi t1_j87r3a4 wrote

This is exactly my worst nightmare. If I'm ever threatened with digitization/uplift I'm going to find a way to pulverize my brain so nothing can be recovered and enslaved. Better oblivion than digital servitude.


YouThisReadWrong420 t1_j87rbgx wrote

It’s likely not going to actually be you though.


RowKiwi t1_j87sbov wrote

True, but to the recreated being it will feel exactly like the same person. I don't want recreated me endlessly checking 33 times a second for a signal, without rest, on and on, like that poor person in the Expanse.


YobaiYamete t1_j87t12y wrote

It's no different from the arguments that "you" aren't "you" after you go to sleep. How can you be sure that the you that wakes up is the same one that went to sleep?

You would have the same memories and the same body and same brain chemicals etc, so you would be mostly the same, but your personality would change slightly every day and . . .hey wait a minute, that literally is what happens and why people have moods and "bad days"!


YouThisReadWrong420 t1_j87umz5 wrote

That’s fundamentally different than a digitized copy of oneself. When I die, I’m dead. Sure my memories, patterns, emotions, etc can be replicated. From an outside perspective, one might view the copy as “me”. However, that would not change the fact that my biological self would be permanently detached (assuming there is no afterlife). I’d have no consciousness of the copy, completely and utterly detached. We may even exist simultaneously, however we would still be separate.

Unless you’re describing the act of actual uploading, but somehow converting biology into binary seems incomprehensible to me and may not even be possible. Even if it was, it’s probably impossible to discern the dilemma I just described (it actually being you vs merely a copy).