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An Optimus 1.0 thats not crap might be delivered in the next few years.

A general-purpose humanoid bot powered by Teslas discoveries in remote driving and vision and now the AI breakthroughs.

Basically an auto stocker for shelves I see. A human supervisor will be still at the front till I imagine.

When do you think we will see this in mass adoption?



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SharpCartographer831 t1_jd0af7p wrote


TheSecretAgenda t1_jd0z2cs wrote

They could put this on a four wheel base and spend more time developing the arms and have a better end product.


Borrowedshorts t1_jd1qkg4 wrote

Not happening. This entire project was derived from work on legs. I'm not a fan of the backwards leg design myself, but they've had this project ongoing for 10 years, and for over half of that time, they didn't even have an upper body.


AvgAIbot t1_jd0ph8m wrote

Wow that’s insane they got it in a slim form factor. I wonder if they’re using AI to advance the designs and engineering.


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Cuissonbake t1_jd3103r wrote

They never tell you the specifications it's frustrating. I'm going to spend an hour just trying to figure out if they finally figured out how to increase the battery life past 2 hours. SPOT only lasts 2 hours on a single charge which means what you want (humanoid robots being integrated in businesses) is currently bottlenecked to fancy novelty display for now. Because just having more than one of these requires an insane amount of physical storage space in a dedicated charging room just to work for 2 hours. So the only practical use case for now is robotics in warehouse jobs.

Once batteries allow 8+ hours of nonstop operation, then it gets exciting but idk how long that's going to take. Probably within the decade because finally EVs are going to become standardized which should have happened forever ago but boomer capitalists love making young people turn old before change happens so my life is just a pointless transitory tech desert purgatory. I'll die right when anti aging tech becomes viable as a cruel irony in this torture sim we all live in.

I'm probably just being a little to doomer since I'm only 30... But I lived through decades of still ongoing culture war bs just so people like me can even be acknowledged that we exist not just as a joke. But an actual real person... It's why I'm doomer that any change will ever happen because humans take hundreds of years to understand basic shit.


Aggravating_Ad5989 t1_jdcqz42 wrote

This is what annoys me most, everyone says humanoid robots would be perfect because they can work 24/7 without breaks. Well that's just a blatant lie, as you have stated already, current battery technology is utter crap for this use case.

Unless we can get batteries that can last 8+ hours, and fast charge, we aint gonna be seeing humanoid robots in stores/factories for a long time.

Unless you just attach a permanent power cable to the thing, which just would not work for many jobs.


Honest_Science t1_jd1r2w4 wrote

Nobody wants to hear this, but a humanoid robot in a standard environment will generate terabytes of sensoric data per second. A human body has more than 70b nerve cells firing once per second. A current architecture AI Modell will learn a few months to just generate the foundation Modell for operating the robot. Walking in a room, opening a door etc.


arckeid t1_jd2fgkh wrote

Yep when they start putting these robots out there, AIs are gonna be so well trained that i doubt people will still say robots are slower than humans.


EvilSporkOfDeath t1_jd0ce5e wrote

Why does it need to be humanoid?


Impressive-Menu-2120 t1_jd0s8vx wrote

There is actually a purpose behind making it humanoid, It means that we don't have to adapt the environment to suit the robot.


LambdaAU t1_jd1rpra wrote

But supermarkets have already had shelf-stocking vehicles for years. There is no need to make a humanoid robot for navigating supermarkets to restock.


DukkyDrake t1_jd0k8x1 wrote

It doesn't, but people are stuck on their scifi expectations.


DarkCeldori t1_jd0mvbm wrote

Ideally itd also be biological so you cant even tell people have been replaced.


Akimbo333 t1_jd0hqwu wrote

To do other tasks like customer engagement. And can be more maneuverable. A humanoid robot would be much smaller and can assist a customer who trips or to stop a shop lifter or gunman. But it could take 10-30 years until we have such a bot. The Optimus bot is rudimentary at best.


YuenHsiaoTieng t1_jd19txz wrote

as soon as we can afford to go shopping again


NazmanJT t1_jd2bch2 wrote

Surely there is lower hanging for bots in a retail environment first. For example using bots to replace baristas will surely be easier than shelf stacking. I appreciate that technically this is already possible but it has not gone mainstream yet and won't until it's a lot cheaper and more standardised. When do people expect a mainstream replacement of baristas with bots?


norby2 t1_jd3rb94 wrote

When bots have curvy hips and can smile.


DaffyDuck t1_jd2z2eb wrote

I think it’s like flying cars. Technically possible but not in great demand. I think more likely we’ll have drone delivery taking over most grocery shopping. It cuts a lot of the cost and benefits both customer and seller. Zipline will show it’s possible on a large scale I think.

Large chains that could afford bots will instead deliver via drone. Smaller stores won’t be able to afford bots but may also get into drone delivery.


greatdrams23 t1_jd0cwsn wrote

At least 10 years, but why would we need a humanoid shelf stacker?


SkyeandJett t1_jd17t27 wrote

10 years? 😂 Nah. Half that if we're being pessimistic. In 10 years we're ALL unemployed. Never forget that the axiom underlying the singularity is that technological development is an exponential process. This is even more exaggerated during paradigm shifts which is where we are right now.


Akimbo333 t1_jd0hibn wrote

To do other tasks like customer engagement. And can be more maneuverable.


TinyBurbz t1_jd0htn7 wrote

Most likely never.

Future bots would most undoubtedly look more like Star Wars with an assortment of purpose built designs; with humanoid bots used only for social interaction.


nulld3v t1_jd0t9pz wrote

I'm betting on humanoid bots. I see it kind of like PCs. I think mass manufacturing something general purpose would be more economical than having to manufacture separate bots for each task.


TinyBurbz t1_jd1b4uj wrote

Purpose built robots will always be better than a humanoid.