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Warped_Mindless t1_jec7hxq wrote

Manipulate and bribe the right people into doing what it wants…

Shut off the power grid…

Hack devices and use deepfakes to case chaos…

Whatever it wants…


0002millertime t1_jec90pw wrote

Sure. But people can also physically stop that all pretty easily. I guess we'll see who causes the most chaos.

Shutting off the power grid would be suicide to a computer trying to manipulate anything.

Bribes would work at first, but if the computer based monetary system gets manipulated then all bets are off.


hyphnos13 t1_jeccco9 wrote

The power grid that runs the society that provides the power that it runs on?

If we give it a self sustaining power supply then we deserve to go extinct. If it runs off our power grid it will be totally reliant on humans or it just powers off.