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CertainMiddle2382 t1_jcxnhoq wrote

Well, point is:

They were right.

Current situation of having both highly educated and completely illiterate/useless adults is a direct result of this intellectual off loading…

What did people think? That not knowing how to add integers would allow students more time to learn Set theory? No, it was just a way to inflate the grades.


odragora t1_jcxu650 wrote

Yeah, people burning other people for witchcraft were the gods of reason, and the tools that make research more accessible and easier to do dumbed us down so much.

Ironically, the notion of how humans are getting dumber than in old good times IS the exact problem it is trying to address. We humans are extremely biased, scared of any change and are addicted to feeding our ego with nonsense to feel like we are better than the others.