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kmtrp t1_jcxo0nx wrote

Yup, thanks to reddit's API this is what he said before the edit:

>Luddites are fascist. The AI revolution cannot be stopped.
The singularity will save us all.


S3ndD1ckP1cs t1_jcxxm8g wrote

Can you also do that to when they called me an idiot for that comment?

I think that kind of response was uncalled for.


scooby1st t1_jcy5vf7 wrote

Poor little baby with the crocodile tears after some failed internet trolling. Quit being a net negative.

EDIT: I mean, props for trolling ultranationalist Europeans, I guess? But keep the shit in the pig pen.


S3ndD1ckP1cs t1_jcz7jtl wrote

You think it’s trolling after you called me an idiot? How about you quit making personal insults?

I’m not soft on Luddites or Luddite-sympathizers.


scooby1st t1_jd099zb wrote

You are what happens when parents don't hug their kids. Blocked 🥰


ToHallowMySleep t1_jcy7uw7 wrote

Oh no, you were OFFENDED.

So what happens?

Nothing. Be offended. Next time don't act like an idiot.


S3ndD1ckP1cs t1_jcz7o64 wrote

That’s what the report button is for. What happens next is anyone’s guess.


ToHallowMySleep t1_jcznzeq wrote

Reporting someone when they call you an idiot, for you writing "luddites are fascist".

Let's hope they have Sherlock Holmes on call to resolve this one.