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Dave_Tribbiani t1_jcxts18 wrote

They were right.

Shit ton of people, vast majority of them, can't do basic math.


Safety1stThenTMWK t1_jcxvvdf wrote

You’re right. I’m a high school teacher (not math), and very few of my students are capable of doing arithmetic without a calculator. I can’t imagine how tedious it must be having to pull out a calculator every time you need to do basic arithmetic.


DragonfruitNeat8979 t1_jcy36wy wrote

Oh no, having to pull out your phone? I mean, who wants to use a device that's always within arm's reach and has a built-in calculator? It's much more fun to struggle with basic arithmetic and waste precious brainpower on simple calculations. Who needs efficiency when you can have frustration and headaches?


Safety1stThenTMWK t1_jcy4kbv wrote

No need to be rude.

Calculators are great when you need an exact answer or the problem has a lot of pieces. A lot of problems just require estimates, and many high schoolers and adults can’t do that.

If you ever work outside where your hands can get cold, wet, and/or dirty, you’ll understand that using your phone for math is not always convenient.


Frumpagumpus t1_jcy3yln wrote

adding and subtracting are some of the first non trivial algorithms students learn.

learning is mostly memorization and doing is mostly cache retrieval

in short you are wrong


godlords t1_jcylw8d wrote

this is what you're not getting bud.. it shouldn't require any brainpower at all. basic arithmetic should be near instaneous. It was for me until I got to higher level maths and started relying heavily on my calculator.


DowntownYou5783 t1_jcz5c6h wrote

It's pretty wild how poor adult math knowledge can be (at least in the United States).


Slapbox t1_jcywhmm wrote

I wish calculator weren't allowed in school for a lot longer; I think I'd have retained more math skills.