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Arkontezer t1_jcyi1v3 wrote

So, as a young guy few years after grad exams I really don’t understand all the people who say here calculators should have been banned in school long time ago.

I studied chemistry and rules where to use only the most basic calculator on exam. It was hard and tedious, but I managed to get really good with all the calculations, like counting complex logarithms without it. So, and as soon as I passed and went to uni I realized this knowledge was completely useless and completely forgot it all in a year or so as everyone uses calculators for this now and during my work I will always have a calculator nearby.

My point is, world is changing and there is not that many practical reasons to stick to the traditional ways of doing things, as it is not what’s currently valued on market. Knowing how to make complicate calculations without calculator will not impress your employer, as he would probably prefer the other person who does the job twice as fast but with the calculator. Same for chat GPT. Now it’s just one program, but in 10 years it might be as common thing as Google and mobile phones (oh, and remember times when you couldn’t use any info from internet for your research papers? Needless to say how this aged)