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Eleganos t1_jcz7xm1 wrote

I count myself amongst those people.

Not so much because I'm particularly special but because me and my dad brainstormed this out over our last summer vacation due to listening to the Emberverse series in audio book format while traveling between provinces in car.

We've kept on doing it for fun since and basically have a game plan ready if all of the above were to happen.

(Long story short we drive to Albert's, and since it's a food exporting province which ships a disproportionate amount out, and since another of that food couldn't be shipped out without powered transportation, it would be a prime location to easily source food.)

Honestly, probably just posting this reply since this is the only time I'll ever be able to organically bring up this game plan in any meaningful capacity online.


blueSGL t1_jczq00a wrote

how much of that food can be sown, grown, kept. and harvested without the aid of machinery, fertilizers or anything else reliant on just-in-time trade infrastructure.


visarga t1_jd0ga1q wrote

North Korea tries to survive without fertiliser and it's not pretty.