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TinyBurbz t1_jd03evn wrote

Yeah, but schools offer CNC machining and start you on the path with basic metal working. Likewise, you don't just write essays in school. In other classes, like history, you are assigned an essay to write to show you grasp at least one small portion of the topic. Essay writing demonstrates a grasp of knowledge on a topic, it is not the purpose of the topic.

Unlike a calculator, GPT isn't integral to high level completion of any task. Where as primitive math computers, like the abacus, have always been a need in mathematics.


visarga t1_jd0j369 wrote

Today, of course it isn't. But it will be like the internet - with time passing all things will depend on it. Without internet commerce, industry and banking would crash. We used to be ok without electricity 120 years ago, but today we can't exist without it anymore.


TinyBurbz t1_jd1aynw wrote

As reliant as we are on all of our digital technology, we don't need it in every day life. Yeah it would fucking suck to have to go to the library instead of googling, and you have to check the newspaper for stuff like showtimes... but it wouldnt cripple society. Electricity is definitely a need for various reasons, but likewise, most of our modern world could be analog and we wouldn't miss much but our memes.

GPT kind of falls into the same category as smartphones, imo.

Nice to have, but if they all broke tomorrow our lifestyle quality wouldn't change much.


IronJackk t1_jd0474h wrote

It’s a hypothetical analogy. Of course some high schools out there have machining equipment, you missed the point


TinyBurbz t1_jd06u8b wrote

>you missed the point

No I didn't your point is just wrong.
You are implying that schools only teach you to write essays.

>Knowing how to write an effective essay is going to be useless in 5 years.

You've missed the point of why we write them.