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earthsworld t1_jdmfnl2 wrote

> if people would have invested in real skills instead of relying on existing in front of a camera for a few seconds this wouldn't be a problem to them.

What a stupid fucking take. Modeling is a job and needs people to do the job.


Jaxraged t1_jdnfw25 wrote

>needs people to do the job.

Well isnt the point of this entire thread that they arent anymore?


earthsworld t1_jdnmizd wrote

the point was that until now, you needed people to do it. OP thinks that they should have done something else besides modeling because someday they might be replaced by machines.


Verzingetorix t1_jdmj2iu wrote

Of course, people used to exchange pay for modeling labor.

But the labor was unskilled, and their role can now be replaced with bytes and pixels.

You don't need the model, or the makeup technician, or the photographer, or the illumination technician, or the studio, or the casting agency... Not even the actual jeans.


earthsworld t1_jdmozsi wrote

so what you're saying is your original statement that "if people would have invested in real skills" is irrelevant. Skilled or unskilled, people across all industries and professions will soon be out of work.


Verzingetorix t1_jdmrjja wrote

No. That comment has nothing to do about anything other than modeling.