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SnoozeDoggyDog OP t1_jdmniiy wrote

> No. Trade skills are not replaceable by software. > > Most jobs that need people to physically engage with their duties are safe until reliable robotics come along. But we're talking about software not hardware.

How does this jibe with reports that white collar jobs and jobs held by people with bachelor degrees will be the most impacted moving forward?

Are these not "skilled"?

Unless you run your own small business, most blue collar jobs pay less, but with more strain and health impact.


Verzingetorix t1_jdmrn2u wrote

My comment was specifically about modeling.


SnoozeDoggyDog OP t1_jdmtzi1 wrote

> My comment was specifically about modeling.

My point is that AI impacting modelling has little to do with "skills" because AI is already threatening to replace "skilled" trades as well.

Unless you want everyone to be plumbers or waiters, I'm not exactly sure how this helps.