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Unfrozen__Caveman t1_jdouw4v wrote

I suspect companies are going to get significant pushback on things like this and boycotting companies that shift away from human workers to AI is going to be a big social issue over the next few years.


redpandabear77 t1_jdp9jg0 wrote

People don't even boycott companies that use slave labor in other countries. I doubt anyone will be boycotting this.


Kinexity t1_jdp5k33 wrote

At the end people will buy what's cheaper. Automation is unstoppable on all fronts because of competition.


boat-dog t1_jdov53o wrote

Interesting point. But sounds like it’ll lead to stunted progress


Unfrozen__Caveman t1_jdp9y3o wrote

I don't see this particular situation being related to AI progress at all. Levi's reducing their operating costs by replacing models is just going to make them more corporate profits.


Awkward-Skill-6029 t1_jdoxni7 wrote

What is the point of this progress? what is the end goal


boat-dog t1_jdpdox3 wrote

Good question and thank you for giving something to think about .