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MNFuturist t1_je2isvz wrote

I've been a professional futurist for 10+ years helping my clients with emerging tech and trends, and the one constant across industries has been "... but it could never do my job." I get it though, if you spent your whole career getting really good at something, respected by your peers, earning a good living, etc., it's really difficult to accept that it could suddenly be automated (or even partially automated.) We're about to see a lot more of this in many areas where people felt "safe" and like they had a long time to adapt and now they don't. It's going to be rough. (Btw, I have no illusions that my career as a keynote speaker is safe.)


D_Ethan_Bones t1_je2m652 wrote

30 years ago: "Nobody can ever replace me as an XYZABC mechanic because the XYZABC machine is too rough too tough too heavy too demanding for the robots to handle."

Today: "Heeeyyy, why are the XYZABC machines sitting in landfills instead of on factory floors?"

Kid: "What's a factory floor?"