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Bismar7 t1_je2oa5n wrote

People are surprisingly foolish about this subject.

AI will make us more efficient it won't replace us.

When it gets to a point where we can augment our minds with it, we will, synthesis is likely the pentacle moment.

In the meantime, people, programmers, will be able to do more in less time. Demand for digital goods will keep up with the design of them.


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Bismar7 t1_je3hfvu wrote

Because the automation you see around you is still human inspired, it still caters to human wants and needs, and it requires human input to function.

The advent push of the envelope will be when we merge with AI mentally. When humans become AI. The strongest computer known for the last hundred thousand years has been the human brain.

You are confusing AI for humans today, AI requires the input we give it and even AGI will not want to seek elimination of people... Other people using AGI to do that will.

Have people stopped working just because economies of scale and mass production have increased the efficiency of tasks by 10000%? No, unemployment in many places is low. People are busier than ever...

When we multiply that and one person can produce in 10 years, what the entire world does, there will still be tasks people need to do, there will likely never be enough because there is always something more we can spend on time doing.