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greatdrams23 t1_jdy192q wrote

Quantum computing is a long way away. You cannot just assume that or any other technology will give what is needed.

Once again. I look for evidence that AGI and singularity will happen, but see no evidence.

It just seems to be assumed singularity will happen, and therefore proof is not necessary.


BigZaddyZ3 t1_jdy1xyf wrote

Depends on what you define as a ”long way” I guess. But the question wasn’t whether or not the singularity would happen soon or not. It was about whether it would ever happen at all (barring some world ending catastrophe of course.) So I think quantum computing is still relevant in the long run. Plus it was just meant to be one example of ways around the limit of Moore’s law. There are other aspects that determine how powerful a technology can become besides the size of its chips.


drhugs t1_je5fefn wrote

> the size of it’s chips

If it's its it's its, if it's it is it's it's.