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Nanaki_TV t1_jcftw55 wrote

I believe the only thing lacking at this point is capable hardware. We are going to need more VRAM on our machines at home. Hopefully that price comes down quickly like we saw with data on hard drives. My 12 GB VRAM is barely enough for me. Could use 24 but would like over 100.


qrayons t1_jcglmnc wrote

Yeah right now most people barely have the hardware that you would need to generate the environments/actors, let alone experience it in VR at the same time. I think what we'll see as an intermediate step is an explosion of content created for VR ahead of time, and then you'll be able to step in and experience it. It'll be a while before we can simultaneously generate and experience.


Nanaki_TV t1_jcgtmyr wrote

I’m envisioning arcades coming back now. Big server room for the AI and VRAM to power the games that would be too expensive for normal everyday people to afford. That would be kind of exciting if arcades got a second wind because of that. Haha