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Now that GPT-4 can work with text and images and even use plugins, it seems like there's nothing left to add. In my opinion, the secret sauce that would put GPT-5 leaps and bounds ahead of its rivals in usefulness is the ability to hold real-time conversations. Imagine having your own personal Jarvis, or even being able to banter with a whole suite of "friends", each with their own unique personality?

I'm curious what kind of breakthroughs, if any, would be needed to make this possible. Maybe AI could be trained on conversations in TV/movies?



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ptxtra t1_jea2njq wrote

The biggest leap for gpt-5 would be logical reasoning, and a functional working memory.


Veleric t1_jeagmfz wrote

Saw a video today of a rather rudimentary display of a memory plugin. It took information from a onedrive doc, was given new info from a prompt that updated it's knowledge. They closed out and went back in and it seemed to provide the correct answer then. Whether that is fully capable or something else comes along, I can't imagine memory in some meaningful capacity is more than a few weeks away.


__ingeniare__ t1_jealsr1 wrote

They're probably just doing a vector embedding of the information and retrieving it using semantic search, this has been around for quite some time already


Veleric t1_jeblny0 wrote

Who knows for sure, but I definitely take it with a grain of salt since the plugin was shown as unverified and it showed no real detail. I still think it's just around the corner, though!


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ptxtra t1_jedk9yh wrote

That doesn't help with reasoning. It only connects multiple AIs with code. If the AI gives an unreasonable answer to a prompt and forgets the context, you can't help that with chaining it to other AIs.


mckirkus t1_jebqkfu wrote

I think having an ability to communicate verbally is more important. Not just translating a sentence into sound, but storytelling, intonation, comedic timing, etc.


Akimbo333 t1_je9v7gd wrote

Or have GPT 5 play audio or music and video


grimorg80 t1_jeagznm wrote

External memory would be the biggest one still missing


megadonkeyx t1_jeb9msu wrote

So much more to add..

Long term memory

Continuous associated thought

A body with eyes


Ishynethetruth t1_jeb4xfe wrote

Shouldn’t the next time is to give ai vision to see the world.


Cr4zko t1_jecu9xl wrote

I don't know but we're in changing times.


Borrowedshorts t1_jed5gja wrote

I think multistep tasks and the ability to understand context across applications is the next paradigm to solve. GPT 4 with plug-ins can do this in a rudimentary sense, but I think it will take specific training and architecture within the generative model itself to start to replace FTE workers.