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LiveComfortable3228 t1_je9ua56 wrote

Was literally about to post this. We're at the peak of inflated expectations. There will be a plateau, then a drop, then a slow stead climb.

We're not going to be living in a moneyless techno utopia in 2025 and terminators will not kill humanity by 2024 either.


AdmirableTea3144 t1_je9z3l6 wrote

No drop, no plateau. Just continued exponential rise.


apinanaivot t1_jeab61e wrote

Well it will be an s curve, the laws of physics will surely slow things down at some point.


ReignOfKaos t1_jean8y9 wrote

Yes. Exponential functions look like s-curves when applied to reality.


uswhole t1_jeatvi2 wrote

AI will going to the moon there is no stopping this time


brycedriesenga t1_jearwhs wrote

> terminators will not kill humanity by 2024 either

Well, what's the point of all this then‽


SendThemToHeaven t1_jebj4ug wrote

I disagree. I feel like the last time machine learning was the hype was the peak


fluffy_assassins t1_jeagaju wrote

It's not like that, I don't think.

It keeps going up and down... like "AI winters".

Just a question of when it has an up so high that the AI take over.

And that may... or may not be... on the current upwards slope. Who knows.

Not me!