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0002millertime t1_jdhmm21 wrote

I mean... This is very cool that the AI can do this classification from imaging, but it's not really revolutionary. Humans can also do it, and of course can also just do a molecular test in a couple of days that is even more accurate. I'm not downplaying the advance, but the title makes it seem like something it isn't.


AsuhoChinami t1_jdhqaox wrote

It's not about the specific ability so much as a much broader concept: that AI can be incredibly fast. Yes, maybe humans are good enough at this one specific thing that it doesn't matter much. It's still a good proof-of-concept that demonstrates AI can work very quickly, and that will apply to tasks and fields where there are no such caveats as what you applied to this situation.


0002millertime t1_jdhr2wc wrote

I agree. I have been following the AI advances, and work in cancer diagnostics. We have a whole AI team at my work.


silent__park t1_jdipymy wrote

AI is: More accurate More reliable Faster A lot cheaper And can do the jobs that doctors do but 24/7, providing the same accuracy every time. If a command is built into an algorithm, there is nothing that an AI will miss that humans will notice.