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ArcticWinterZzZ t1_jdtps8v wrote

Of course. Wikipedia cannot think. But what I mean is that if you just want to preserve information, you should preserve an archive and not an AI that can sometimes hallucinate information.


1II1I11II1I1I111I1 t1_jdtpyeu wrote

Wikipedia is 1% the archive that GPT-4 is though. Hallucinations will likely be solved soon according to Ilya Sutskever, keep up!


Cryptizard t1_jdur2sy wrote

This is completely wrong. Wikipedia has a lot more in depth information than GPT does. Try asking GPT about obscure facts some time.


1II1I11II1I1I111I1 t1_jdur9s4 wrote

Give me 3 facts and I'll ask GPT4 to check them now


Cryptizard t1_jduumtg wrote

I have access to GPT4, I’m not making this stuff up. Here are three from poking around, but keep in mind it will pretend to know the answer to anything it is just wrong when you ask it to explain the details. It will not match with actual fact, I.e. what is in Wikipedia.

What is an oblivious tree?

What is the population of Goleh-ye Cheshmeh?

Where was the 65th governor of Delaware born?


CancerPiss t1_jdujefs wrote

GPT cannot think either


daou0782 t1_jduxcxr wrote

What is thinking? Do submarines swim?


CancerPiss t1_jduxuwl wrote

Is my microwave thinking? I mean, I click a few buttons and it starts doins things


Ambiwlans t1_jdvjxkg wrote

While the GPT authors would agree with you, reddit knows better! GPT clearly thinks and has a soul and is basically agi!


CancerPiss t1_jdvlcz1 wrote

That's why you need to stay BASED😩 when dealing with redditors