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QuartzPuffyStar t1_jdu2ml5 wrote

Pls no. Wikipedia is extremely biased, manipulated, and incomplete. It's only useful on the most uninteresting topics and then, only as a starting point for further research.

It all started with good intentions and love for humanity, and ended up in control of private and state agencies.


y___o___y___o t1_jdudulu wrote

Sounds like you've been brainwashed by charlatans.


QuartzPuffyStar t1_jduxrv5 wrote

Lol ok keep taking wikipedia as the cradle of human knowledge. I'm not even discussing with you.


EvilKatta t1_jdumi7w wrote

Well, so are LLMs.


QuartzPuffyStar t1_jduy7s3 wrote

They have the potential to learn crosschecking and use wiki audit tools to verify the probability of a wiki article being wrong, and not taking it at face value.

Even when they have trained with wiki as a "very high value source".

At least GPT shows signs of that. Bing just closes the conversations when you ask it to explore beyond the 1st page wiki article that you could have read yourself.