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Tiamatium t1_jdugny4 wrote

I mean we could build it now, more or less... Wikipedia is only couple of hundred gigs of data.


NarrowEyedWanderer t1_jdvk6sv wrote

Wikipedia is very, very far from containing all human knowledge, though.


NAINOA- t1_jdvlz9t wrote

It’s pretty close for most people.


beholdingmyballs t1_jdvvjbw wrote

You could even add all academic papers. Though I don't know how big that data is.


featherless_fiend t1_jdvwgvd wrote

We also have these physical things called books and encyclopedias.

No one cares about having Wikipedia in their pocket. The keyword is convenience and being able to talk to an AI is the ultimate convenience.