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petermobeter t1_jczymug wrote

i dont fully understand the motive behind the rich genociding the poor…

  1. poor ppl and rich ppl are biologically the same, one of them just got lucky.

  2. cant rich ppl just enjoy their wealth withOUT killing poor ppl?

it feels like a pointless murder


apple_achia t1_jd0w9ke wrote

Then you missed the initial rise of the eugenicist political movement. Don’t worry, none of us were alive, but in its earliest incarnations in England it was about tying specific families to criminality and poverty in England, and called for the slow systematic eradication of the poor. In this process and as it was exported elsewhere it became racialized, but make no mistake, initially it was class war.


Eleganos OP t1_jd02zt3 wrote

Point 5. In a Nutshell.

There's a difference between monsterous selfishness, thoughtlessness and negligence, and actively plotting out a supervising scheme to destroy 99% of humanity.


WonderFactory t1_jd09v3q wrote

This is definitely within that capacity of humans and could happen. Imagine if Robot armies existed in the 1930s. The Nazis literally set about killing millions of people who they thought weren't beneficial to society. They killed gypsies, Jews, gays, the disabled etc.

Jews were biologically the same as Nazi Germans but it didn't stop them killing them. Poor people become a problem if they're consuming too many resources. The wealth of the rich has to feed and clothe the poor if the poor aren't able to work.

This happened less than a hundred years ago, we haven't evolved since then and as a species are more than capable of doing the same again. Also what happened in the 30's and 40's isn't an anomaly in human history, humans have continually treated one another like this. Look at slavery in the US, apartheid in South Africa, the British empire ruling one 1/5 of the globe. The fact that we have a special word for genocide give a clue about how ubiquitous it's been in our history


mescalelf t1_jd1drdr wrote

Another example: Rome under Julius Caesar killed something like 2/3 of the population of Gaul. They had well and truly won well before that, but they Just. Kept. Going. It wasn’t just war, it was systemic slaughter.


TheSecretAgenda t1_jd0pku8 wrote

If the poor are trying to kill the rich, then that will be all the motivation they need.


Volsnug t1_jd16sq1 wrote

It’d be a lot easier to quell an uprising than committing genocide on a scale never before seen


Spreadwarnotlove t1_jd27woo wrote

Well in that case it'd be self defense and they'd be right to. But I don't see that happening. At worst some commies will try to overthrow the business owners, over estimate their public support, and be locked up.