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Focused-Joe t1_jd0uuf2 wrote

OP have you been living under the rock for past 2 years ?? Kill jab is exactly how they start curling people en mass!


Eleganos OP t1_jd0xad4 wrote

This post is SPECIFICALLY for the robot army doomsday scenario. With some touch up on bioweapons and nanotechnology since those are the other two frontrunner.

It took me over an hour to write this mini essay. No way am I going to try and cover EVERY potential cause for apocalypse in one post with equal attention to detail.

This post also does not entertain supervillain or illuminati levels of ridiculously complex/convoluted schemes. Simply that it would open the discussion up to equally far out rebuttals (I.E. We don't need to worry since aliens/Jesus will show up and save us if things get too bad.)

If anyone can show me proof for such a level of scheme, maybe I'll make a post about it.

For now though, considering the time frame postulated and the means describe, I'm assuming your either talking about some flavourful of lethal vaccine scheme or insectoid nanodrones with lethal injection payloads.

Neither of which I find particularly likely for a global cull. The latter is too overly elaborate, and necessitates complex technology that, if achieved, would be better spent on the nanobot kill plan.

The former meanwhile suffers from the same perfect cooperation, timing, logistics, motive, and basically all other points I levied against robots EXCEPR this time it's in a far more mass produce able package that is nonetheless also far easier to avoid.

I'm saying all this from an objective standpoint assuming that what you propose is true.

It ain't killing us all. So feel free to take a breath of relief and go about your day.