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Eleganos OP t1_jd0zp21 wrote

A possible scenario.

Of course this post only covers the topic of a mass genocidal cull by the rich's robot armies of Doom because, for some reason, there seems to have been an uptick of people proclaiming that such a scenario is fated to happen sooner or later.

Personally, I doubt the gated community scenario will happen, simply because I think AGI will hit us before we've both worked out the tech and created the infrastructure to churn out killbots. After which it either subjugates us or takes the wheel for our species and helps us along our evolutionary path and avoid doomsday of our own making.


FoodMadeFromRobots t1_jd10kzm wrote

Yah i guess i think it depends on timeline of AGI vs ASI and who controls the keys to AGI.

If we hit ASI in the next say, 20 years, i agree with your point of were at the whims of the new superintelligence (this also assumes it is free/others develop it that allow it to be free, if the US govt gets ASI but keeps it on a tight air gapped leash then that doesnt help) if ASI is alot harder than people think and instead we just have extremely advanced protoAGI/AGI thats controlled by specific groups i can see the massive labor layoffs happen and then society in large will be at the mercy of what UBI/social welfare laws are passed (or not)