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FacelessFellow t1_jd1httt wrote

It just takes one rich guy right?

With the right connection they can develop a virus.

With the right amount of money they can buy a massive robot army.

Climate change would be the main reason to cull the global population. If you were infinitely wealthy and humans were infesting your only planet, you might be inclined to deal with the infestation.


Eleganos OP t1_jd1q2oq wrote

  1. So can literally any world government. Except they have bioweapons facilities and top tier scientific minds in hand in addition to fuck you money.

  2. No they can't because this isn't an RTS game where you spend money in one place and robots appear at your army base. You need logistics, supplies, factories, ecetera. You need places to store them, auxiliary facilities to power them and do maintenance. You need to aquire weaponry and ammo for them. All of this is EXTREMWLY conspicuous ans ther isn't a government alive which would let one rich person aquire enough military might to potentially stage an internal coup, much less wipe out humanity.

  3. Culling people wouldn't do jack for climate change, leatively speak. We're already on track for things to get bad if we dropped now, and I don't see us getting to murderbot territory next year simply because, even if we cracked the coding tommorw, you need infrastructure built and suppline lines arranged to actually start building the damn things.