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GPTN-2045 t1_jd2iofg wrote

This is not true at all in America. Income has no predictive value on voting, many billionaires vote left and right, many impoverished people vote left and right.

The stratification is based on educational level, which is why you see highly educated middle class people being extremely left and high school graduate business owners going extremely right


Rofel_Wodring t1_jd2nstq wrote

>This is not true at all in America. Income has no predictive value on voting,

Also not true. What you are seeing is the post-Reagan Democratic Party making a play for the upper-middle class/petit bourgeoisie at the cost of antagonizing their working class voting base.

But if you drill down into the details, income correlates strongly with voting preference, especially if it's tied to some other factor. Income and gender by themselves don't explain much, but income plus gender says a LOT.

Ultimately, the liberals and the fascists report to the same shared paymasters.


j_dog99 t1_jd2krti wrote

I like it, a hot take but I like it


GPTN-2045 t1_jd2nbbl wrote

It's not really a hot take it's just empirically true. You can look up Thomas Piketty Brahmin Left vs Merchant Right.


j_dog99 t1_jd31h5q wrote

I believe it, myself as an example - was fairly conservative, even though grew up poor. Then went thru university later in life, ended up more liberal - if only after suffering the midwestern conservative deadbeat spawn classmates/roommates of college life