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ahtoshkaa2 t1_jd42p5o wrote


The author argues that the scenario of a global conspiracy by the rich to kill off the poor is not feasible. The author lists several reasons why this plan is unlikely to happen, including the fact that rich people are not a collective in-group and are not cooperative team players. Additionally, it is impossible to synchronize their actions perfectly, and there will be infighting, incompetence, and resource drain. The author also points out that rich people are not universally evil and some may have moral compasses and be against mass genocide. Furthermore, executing such a plan would require logistics, production, and storage of massive numbers of killer robots, which would be glaringly obvious. Governments would also have to do nothing, and it is more likely that they would develop and use the technology for their own purposes. Finally, even if the rich did succeed in killing off the poor, they would still have to share the spoils and are likely to turn on each other.