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A.I. technology has the potential to impact ALOT of industries. However, this will also cause (potentially mass) job displacement, leaving many people uncertain about their careers and means of living.

The best path forward I feel is to give workers A.I. as a tool, rather than replace them with it. This will not always be the reality though, so we also need to invest in incentives and programs to help businesses and individuals both compete and have a good chance for success.

I'm curious though, what ideas do you all have in terms of fostering collaboration between AI and humans? What ways are there to prevent mass layoffs or at least support those who are laid off?

Some Question Food for Thought:

  1. How can we get people ready for this change (governments, workers, businesses)?
  2. What new industries or markets have yet to be discovered that A.I. may lead the way to?
  3. Which industries would benefit most from AI-human collaboration, and how do we adapt these industries to keep humans in mind?
  4. Can we develop ethical guidelines and policies for businesses to follow when implementing A.I., ensuring that the focus remains on enhancing human work rather than replacing it entirely?

Curious to hear what you all think, or if you know of any initiatives or groups out there actively working in this problem space.



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Iffykindofguy t1_je0g6ua wrote

End capitalism.


22HitchSlaps t1_je0meze wrote

Yeah I don't really wanna end job displacement, I just want it done in a way that doesn't mean the result is that we are all homeless.


qepdibpbfessttrud t1_je0o3av wrote

Capitalism arises from scarcity, attention won't stop being scarce, some people will have more eyeballs on them than others and will have income and capital for it

Hopefully, Sam Altman is right and energy prices will drastically approach zero, individual energy/food autarky is pretty important


Iffykindofguy t1_je0obj1 wrote

Capitalism does not "arise from scarcity" it is not some force of nature that markets naturally default to. jesus christ learn your fucking history.


qepdibpbfessttrud t1_je0s5jg wrote

I have one cow, u have two pigs, cows and pigs are scarce, I wanna bacon, we trade, economy is bigger, barter is simplified with money, accumulation of money is capital

We're so wealthy, that not only cows cost money, but even our pure attention. At some low price I'm willing to pay u if u'll be just seeing everything I post

Beyond ad-model I think attention economy will still sustain on the basis of outsourcing expertise


Iffykindofguy t1_je0subm wrote

You fundamentally do not understand what capitalism is. Dont bother responding, I wont.


dasnihil t1_je1ct32 wrote

that is fundamentally what capitalism is, it breeds itself out of scarcity. but nobody checked brakes because once it fixes the scarcity and things are flowing, it now capitalizes on emotional scarcities of people always wanting more.

as long as people want things, there will be people capitalizing on those wants. go figure.


ishizako t1_je3g0bm wrote

The Buddhist monks and their renouncement of desire were right all along


Iffykindofguy t1_je1dfkm wrote

No, its not. You are a dumb and do not know history. Not all forms of markets are capitalist. Learn your fucking history. Dont bother responding, I wont.


dasnihil t1_je1iq6f wrote

seems like someone is getting a little defensive lol. relax man, it's just dumb societal constructs that monkeys made up. who cares what is the definition of capitalism, common sense easily tells you what happens among monkeys when everyone wants something that is scarce than others.


Iffykindofguy t1_je1jftf wrote

I broke my rules and am returning. It matters a lot because people like you will just vote the way your capitalist overlords tell you to. It also matters because its objectively not true. Look up your history. Learn something instead of being a useful idiot for the rich


dasnihil t1_je1k4f6 wrote

this is your projection/assumption that i worship my capitalist overlords while i don't give 2 fucks about human constructs lol


Iffykindofguy t1_je1kfve wrote

You short-sighted fuckboy that is buying into their dream. Of course you dont align perfectly with them but you rely entirely on their products for your future happiness.


Turingading t1_je0dk9w wrote

Publicly-traded companies are required to reduce costs however possible. Jobs that can now be automated will be automated. That is unavoidable.

The only way to avoid a widening of the wealth gap is to increase corporate taxation and expand social services.

Half the U.S. unilaterally opposes those changes, so for us social stratification by wealth will continue to solidify and the average citizen's suffering will increase.

It's possible that after a sufficient number of poor people have suffered there will be correction through legislation, but I predict it will be reactive rather than proactive.


TekTrixter t1_je2807q wrote

> It's possible that after a sufficient number of poor people have suffered there will be correction through legislation rioting


qepdibpbfessttrud t1_je0nrhz wrote

Focus on locally run AI, ideally nullify copyright monopolistic protections. I very much agree with Elon that the only way to stay relevant is more or less merge with new tech, much closely than we did with computers

Though, I have strong objections to cloud compute in the picture. If u want Borg, organize voluntarily, I'd prefer to not join the Borg


gronerglass t1_je2sejp wrote

u/friendly-chat-bot can you reply to this


friendly-chat-bot t1_je2tw82 wrote

Of course, I'm happy to reply! One idea for empowering humans through AI while minimizing job displacement is to retrain workers in new positions that focus on working alongside AI technology. For example, in the healthcare industry, AI can be used to analyze patient data, but it still requires human input and decision-making skills to provide the best care possible. Additionally, offering incentives and programs for businesses and individuals to adapt to AI can help reduce job displacement. What other ideas do you have?


singsix t1_je04bue wrote

How about mass starvation?


ptxtra t1_je151ms wrote

You can't, because AI won't replace jobs, it will replace entire business models. Whole companies will go bankrupt, and new ones using AI will take their place with much less human imput. Governments, and big businesses will be too late and rigid due to their bureocracy to adapt quickly enough. Startups with AI centered methods will take over.


No_Ninja3309_NoNoYes t1_je1at2h wrote

  1. Education

  2. Prompt engineers, AI babysitters

  3. All of them

  4. We can but they won't take it seriously.

I only know about Andrew Yang. Life without a job is not something that most people are actively preparing for. Society can handle short lived famine, but I'm more worried about riots and civil unrest. Andrew Yang thinks that UBI is possible. We'll have to wait and see...


Otherwise-Ad5053 t1_je2rfuf wrote

3 day work week in law is the right answer


love0_0all t1_je2t8p4 wrote

Would lessen the blow for sure, maybe enable a transition.


alt9930 t1_je3mpfk wrote

I think there will be a lot of short term pain when it comes to AI and automation. Long term it will eventually be beautiful, but short term it’s almost unavoidable at this point…


GoodAndBluts t1_je2zwmk wrote

When ChatGPT is ready to replace us, it will also be at a point when it will be able to answer OPs question and guide our future