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Iffykindofguy t1_je1dfkm wrote

No, its not. You are a dumb and do not know history. Not all forms of markets are capitalist. Learn your fucking history. Dont bother responding, I wont.


dasnihil t1_je1iq6f wrote

seems like someone is getting a little defensive lol. relax man, it's just dumb societal constructs that monkeys made up. who cares what is the definition of capitalism, common sense easily tells you what happens among monkeys when everyone wants something that is scarce than others.


Iffykindofguy t1_je1jftf wrote

I broke my rules and am returning. It matters a lot because people like you will just vote the way your capitalist overlords tell you to. It also matters because its objectively not true. Look up your history. Learn something instead of being a useful idiot for the rich


dasnihil t1_je1k4f6 wrote

this is your projection/assumption that i worship my capitalist overlords while i don't give 2 fucks about human constructs lol


Iffykindofguy t1_je1kfve wrote

You short-sighted fuckboy that is buying into their dream. Of course you dont align perfectly with them but you rely entirely on their products for your future happiness.