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y53rw t1_jeetj50 wrote

Animal empathy developed over the course of hundreds of millions of years of evolution, in an environment where individuals were powerless to effect serious change on the world, and had to cooperate to survive. It doesn't just come by default with intelligence.


StarCaptain90 OP t1_jeevt8s wrote

You are correct that animal empathy evolved over the years but intelligence and empathy do share some connections throughout history. As we develop these AI's after ourselves we have to consider the other components of what it is to care and find solutions.


Hotchillipeppa t1_jeeygnj wrote

Moral intelligence is connected to intellect, the ability to recognize cooperation is most often beneficial compared to competition, even humans with higher intelligence tend to have better moral reasoning...


La_flame_rodriguez t1_jef1fdh wrote

empathy evolved because two monkeys are better killing other monkeys when they make team.10 monkeys are better than 5.


StarCaptain90 OP t1_jef2b4v wrote

If monkeys focused on making monkey AI they wouldn't be in zoos right now