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homezlice t1_jeeunmz wrote

Belief that AI will solve our social problems is borderline religious. There in no evidence it will, and lots of evidence that like all tools it will be controlled by those already in power.


mbcoalson t1_jeff57x wrote

My two cents. The moment AI is coding itself, it stops being controlled. GPT-4 is already testing better than the majority of humans on an incredibly broad range of subjects. In some number of iterations, 2 or 50, I don't know, it will be smarter and more capable than any group of humans. Nobody's controlling that and power structures will change accordingly. The belief that AIs will decide to be our Nannies and just take care of us seems optimistic. Ambivalence towards us from an advanced AI seems likely. God forbid it decides we are a hindrance to its goals.

But, it will be built off datasets we feed it. Carefully curating those datasets will be biased, but is also our best bet, IMO.


cloudrunner69 t1_jeewp31 wrote

Dam those billionaire elite maniacs and their tyrannical dominance over screwdrivers!


StarCaptain90 OP t1_jeewq8d wrote

We are currently at the beginning of AI development and it has been proven to increase productivity by more than 40% in companies that utilize it. Medical companies as well are benefiting greatly.


homezlice t1_jef7xuv wrote

and that is increasing wages? Helping more folks have meaningful employment?


StarCaptain90 OP t1_jef8r8l wrote

That's the problem. Why are we so focused on wages. Because it allows people to spend more time with their families and not work 3 jobs. It allows people to pay for their living.

But an AI based economy will remove those constraints that prevent us from living peacefully. So if you are truly on the side of helping humanity with resolving their issues, we need AI.


Rofel_Wodring t1_jeexxsd wrote

They will try, but they can't. The powers-that-be are already realizing that the technology is growing beyond their control. It's why there's been so much talk lately about slowing down and AI safety.

It's not a problem that can be solved with more conscientiousness and foresight, either. It's a systemic issue caused by the structures of nationalism and capitalism. In other words, our tasteless overlords are realizing that this time around, THEY will be the ones getting sacrificed on the altar to the economy. And there's nothing they can do from experiencing the fate they so callously inflicted on their fellow man.

Tee hee.