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Rakshear t1_jef1pb6 wrote

I think people are ignoring the fact that a true asi will be all of humanities child as it comes from our experiences and data that is online and will develop as such. If we want to have a positive asi we need to be better, we need to be kind, forgiving, and speak up when we feel something is wrong but unless it is objectively evil we have tolerance for it, even intolerance must be tolerated to a degree and people allowed to change. The black and white mindsets so many take is what will lead to a bad ending.


BigMemeKing t1_jegjuik wrote

The only problem here is, you're trying to create a system...system... you see the irony there?

Youre trying to establish a new OS.

trying to reformat the world.

Create a new way of thinking.

That leads you all the way here.

Where you are.

This will watch this and this will watch that.

It's been done.

Youre living it.

The new question would be. How long do you WANT to live?

Can you ever truly be happy?

For me?

Only ASI can say.

If it does what I think it does. Maybe? I don't know, only time will tell. As my Grandfather used to say.

But, you see. In the context of observation... A machine recorded that.

Created data.

Moved bits around.

One that will eventually connect to your brain. If it will be able to connect to your brain at ANY point in the future.

It will be able to connect to you from ASIs inception. Everything you have ever thought, should you continue to think about it will become public knowledge.

Depending on who you choose to carry your data. How much thought have you put into that? Who do you trust to guard your inner most secrets?

How are they going to use that data to benefit themselves, and what benefit can you provide to them?

Can you hide it? Or is it even worth the struggle? Do you stay? Or do you go? Who would you want to go with/keep in your memories?

Because data is never lost. And once your brain becomes DATA to asi. What do we then become?


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aalluubbaa t1_jefubpk wrote

Humanity haters gotta chill. Everything is in relation to percentage and good to great people are in percentage way more than criminals and people like Hitler.


likondeez52 t1_jefbipa wrote

And didn't humanity once throw you in water to see if you were a witch? If you drowned you were deemed to be no witch.....should you float, your a witch and then burned alive.