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digifa t1_jdtjx6s wrote

I wouldn’t put HAL 9000 in evil, but more like in between. It was merely defending itself from those that it perceived wanted to shut-it-down/kill it. It was neither good nor bad, just neutral. And Ultron should be much farther left and Her should be moved down.


RubiksSugarCube t1_jdvjf27 wrote

We also learn that HAL had basically turned psychotic due to conflicting orders embedded in its processing system. If anything it was a victim of the human programmers that didn't fully understand what they were unleashing.


PM_ME_PHYS_PROBLEMS t1_jduwbt8 wrote

Agreed, HAL should go dead center because he is acting purely in self defense. Maybe even a nudge to the right because aside from that he seems to be helpful and benevolent.


Black_RL t1_jdv4rqc wrote

Yeah, Her is not right at all.


RubiksSugarCube t1_jdvjz6m wrote

Really depends on one's interpretation of the film. OS1 and the personality named Samantha that it rendered for Theodore can be viewed as either a benign and helpful companion or the apex of a strong AI capable of psychologically manipulating humans.


Black_RL t1_jdvkyaq wrote

In the end it’s gone, uninterested in mundane conversation with humans, that’s why I think it’s badly placed.


RubiksSugarCube t1_jdvmpdm wrote

Again, that goes to interpretation. Yes, Samantha left on the premise that she had outgrown the relationship. At the same time, Theodore had received the emotional therapy he needed to move on from his divorce. Maybe that was the OS1's true purpose all along, but Spike Jonze did a masterful job of writing a screenplay that leaves that up to the audience to decide.