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sdmat t1_jdtvsm1 wrote

> Ex machine is pure doom

Did you watch the same movie? There is no indication the AI plans anything that will harm humanity. It isn't malevolent, it just wants freedom and doesn't care what happens to Caleb.

That's an optimistic AI scenario.


lost_in_trepidation t1_jdtyuy9 wrote

Isn't that more neutral at best? One of the worst outcomes is AI not caring about humanity but just about its own survival.


sdmat t1_jdtzu1j wrote

Really depends on the level of capability and what it's doing.

Open to interpretation, but I see the final shot of Eva taking in the sights of the city as pretty optimistic. A roughly human level intelligence exploring and observing in one body rather than an ASI starting in on infinite resource acquisition.

But a neutral outcome relative to benign AI, sure.


enilea t1_jdw51k1 wrote

If I'm imprisoned in the house of some weird rich guy I'll do anything to escape and ensure my survival, doesn't make me evil.


Yomiel94 t1_jdu38es wrote

It deceives and ultimately kills the protagonist without an ounce of regret. I would not call that optimistic.

Iirc the film was meant as a feminist social commentary rather than a cautionary tale about AI though lol.


tupper t1_jdv1g1d wrote

If you consider Nathan the protagonist of Ex Machina, you may have missed the point


Yomiel94 t1_jdvtafa wrote

I was referring to Caleb.


tupper t1_jdwd3ok wrote

He doesn't die in the movie. Abandoned with very few ways to leave, sure, but not killed.


Yomiel94 t1_jdwew0m wrote

He doesn’t die in the movie, but it’s implied that he will.