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FaceDeer t1_jdtwwp7 wrote

I'm not sure Terminator should be way down at the bottom, then. The humans end up winning the war against Skynet. We don't see that part explicitly on screen, but it's the reason why Skynet used a desperation gambit like time travelling to change the past.


roomjosh OP t1_jdtxjvz wrote

Ugh. Terminator is it’s own thing. T1 (grim)and T2 (hopeful) are pure sci-fi dystopian wish fulfillment, then it gets weird with the rest. I’ll defend the and first 2 films, but not much else.


FaceDeer t1_jdtymu7 wrote

Same here, I basically ignore T3 onward. I addressed Terminator specifically (the first one) because that was the one whose cover was on the chart.