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HumpyMagoo t1_jdvaapx wrote

HAL9000 wasn’t evil everyone lived at the end and two ascended to higher life forms.


roomjosh OP t1_jdvleak wrote

Hal is responsible for the deaths of four astronauts: Frank Poole, Victor Kaminsky, Dr. David Bowman, and Dr. Heywood Floyd's crew.


HumpyMagoo t1_jdvvbie wrote

I might have to go back and reread, did you read the whole series, because I thought for sure that HAL had all the variables, even ones that the humans were not aware of and being so advanced but also being near the monolith it became ASI and throughout the series it was revealed that like Dr Strange in Endgame that was the only path for survivors in deep space with the anomaly present. Clarke is definitely hard sci-fi.