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roomjosh OP t1_jdwgn6i wrote

It's a real loose grid. I wanted to visualize some of the dystopian/utopian stuff I've seen in many of these stories. Evil is probably the wrong term, Malevolent is more accurate.

Wall-e is good AI. Wall-e stands out in that qurdent (good AI, cautionary story) it's all about sustainability. The AI isn't trying to hurt anyone, but people can't help themselves. Humans create machines to feed and entertain then pure gluttony and nihilism takes hold.


czmax t1_jdws7al wrote

I think we’re in agreement that the cautionary story in Wall-e is about sustainability rather than AI.

I suggest there is confusion about the Y-axis. Is it the theme of “the story in relation to AI” or “the story as a whole”. Both approaches are interesting though. Such as here where you’re able to show that wall-e is an outlier in that its about a good-AI in a cautionary tale (about a different subject).

Once the labels are clear a side-by-side would be also interesting (is wall-e a super outlier? Are there others like this?)

At any rate; thanks for the thoughtful diagram.