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throwaway12131214121 OP t1_jeggbb3 wrote

First of all, the profits of oil companies(for example) are absolutely at the expense of everybody else(arguably, they are at the expense of everybody period). Not everything is about money.

Secondly, lots of exchanges happen where not both parties profit. Exchanges happen where neither party profits. Because the profit of an exchange is not always predictable, and there are also other factors that might influence decision making. I don’t profit from working in a sweatshop because the time and energy I spend doing it is worth much more than what I am paid. I still do it though, because the system is such that if I don’t do it, I die.

Profit for a business is simply the difference between cost of business and revenue.


Nanaki_TV t1_jegiqzs wrote

Because dying is preferable than not working in the sweatshop. Once again, you have no understanding of the term “profit.” Unsurprising given the sub I’m in.