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HarbingerDe t1_jegwjgf wrote

>If I propose to end slavery in 1800s you’re objection to “who would pick the cotton!?” is not a rebuttal.

Typical right-wing / conservative move of, "uhh actually we're totally the ones who are against slavery... Yeah... It was us..."

The scenarios are not analogous at all.

>New horizons will be created. What they will be I cannot even begin to guess.

You are fundamentally at odds with the premise of the sub, this seems to be the biggest thing you're not grasping.

If you believe we're on the cusp of developing a self improving entity that is more intelligent, more creative, and all around more capable than a human at any given task then there cannot be any new horizons that an AI wouldn't better be able to take advantage of.


Nanaki_TV t1_jeh2wso wrote

Yes there can be. Simply greeting each other could be enough. Human created works could have value.

Oh and idk what straw-man that was you were building so I am ignoring it.