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agorathird t1_jeh2s75 wrote

>Again, assumption after assumption. More and new horizons will be created. What? I don't know. But electricity gave the ability for so much to exist on top of it once it was massively adopted. Once AGIs are massively adopted and in our homes, not requiring a supercomputer to train I mean, well, I can only hallucinate what that future will look like. If we are "not needed" then so be it, there's no use arguing. May we die quickly. But I doubt it very much.

Not assumptions, that's what AGI means lol as far as current jobs are concerned. Unless there's an issue they have with space travel? You can make a few edges cases assuming slow takeoff. Which I can give you a boon on about new horizons sure. Maybe we merge, whatever.

This doesn't mean we die or it's unaligned or whatever. That's real speculation. Good luck with your twins.