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D_Ethan_Bones t1_jdx930y wrote

Large swaths of us will declare humans non-sentient before they admit a machine is sentient.

Also the term "real AI" is tv-watcher fluff. It's a red flag that someone is not paying attention and instead just throwing whatever stink they can generate in order to pretend they matter somehow. If we wanted Twitter's side of the story we would be looking at Twitter right now.


SnipingNinja t1_jdzlbke wrote

> whatever stink they can generate

So you're saying they're predicting the next word? /jk


Saerain t1_jdzpr2o wrote

Speaking of which, does this use of "sentient" generally mean something more like "sapient"? Been trying to get a handle on the way naysayers are talking.

'Cause sentience is just having senses. All of animalia at the very least is sentient.

Inclined to blame pop sci-fi for this misconception.


throwawaydthrowawayd t1_je1dsei wrote

Don't forget qualia. That's another one of the possibilities that they could mean but aren't using the right word for. Though usually it's just a nebulous thing, no specific definition for sentience. Sentience is usually used to mean "is similar to me".