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Ok_Sea_6214 t1_jdy1u2x wrote

Another issue is when AI has to limit themselves to human boundaries, like when playing video games: people would complain that AI has an unfair advantage because it can click so much faster, so developers limited the speed, and other "cheating" methods like being able to see the whole map at the same time.

Except clicks per minute is literally what separates the best human gamers from everyone else, and in Warhammer Total War many top gamers look at the whole map at once. It's these almost superhuman abilities that allow them to be so good at the game, yet when AI takes this to the next level it becomes cheating.


Supermax64 t1_je20avl wrote

Meh, the point is that watching the AI micro manage every single unit with 1000apm isn't super satisfying. I'd much rather see what it can do when its inputs are limited to that of a human. Then it might have to come up with new macro tactics that humans never thought of.