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MultiverseOfSanity t1_jdyxaw2 wrote

Most humans aren't even capable of truly original thought. In fact, it's arguable if any humans are.


RealFrizzante t1_jdz83qk wrote

Lol... Stay delusional


Bierculles t1_jdznbrv wrote

you sound a lot more delusional by adherring to arbitrary definitions of words like creativity, originality and intelligence. AI is going to replace yo either way though so your argument is meaningless in the end besides kicking up some dust.


Dsstar666 t1_je029sv wrote

That's not a delusion. Many scientific schools of thought have come to the conclusion that there's no such thing as an original thought. There is always a precursor.


RealFrizzante t1_je09wve wrote

As many as schools of thought that maintain otherwise.

Anyways, a human has agency around what it wants to do, these AI we have now are nowhere near (and with its aproach never will be) to have its own agency.

AGI does have intentions, does have its own agency, even if it is subdued to human goodwill.

What we have now is really cool, useful and disruptive PROMPTS.

AGS: Artificial General Slaves


Dsstar666 t1_je1118m wrote

Agreed. But you didn't really disprove my statement.