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MattAbrams t1_je07108 wrote

This isn't how science works. It's easy to say the machine works when you already have the papers you're looking for.

But this happens all the time in bitcoin trading, like I do. It can predict lots of things with high probability. They are all much more likely than things that make no sense. But just because they make sense doesn't mean that you have an easy way to actually choose which one is "correct."

If we ran this machine in year X, it would spit out a large number of papers in year Y, some of which may be correct, but there still needs to be a way to actually test all of them, which would take a huge amount of effort.

My guess is that there will never be an "automatic discoverer" that suddenly jumps 100x in an hour, because the testing process is long and the machines required to test become significantly more complicated in parallel to the abilities of the computer - look at the size increases of particle accelerators, for example.