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JVM_ t1_je0vvg7 wrote

It feels like people are arguing that electricity isn't useful unless your blender, electric mixer and table saw are sentient.

AI as an unwieldly tool is still way more useful, even if it's as dumb as your toaster it can still do things 100x faster than before which is going to revolutionize humanity.


User1539 t1_je1q3go wrote

Also, it's a chicken-> Egg problem, where they're looking at eggs saying 'No chickens here!'.

Where do you think AGI is going to come from?! Probably non-AGI AI, right?!


JVM_ t1_je1qnu6 wrote

AGI isn't going to spawn out of nothing, it might end up being the AI that integrates with all the sub-AI's.

Shit's going to get weird.


User1539 t1_je2f9u0 wrote

yeah, AGI is likely to be the result of self-improving non-AGI AI.

It's so weird that it could be 10 years, 20 years, or 100 and there's no really great way to know ... but, of course, just seeing things like LLMs explode, it's easier to believe 2 years than 20.