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dokushin t1_je18mky wrote

> moreover atm afaik it is cappable of doing tasks it has been trained for, in a specific field of knowledge

This isn't true; the same GPT model will happily do poetry, code, advice, jokes, general chat, math, anything you can express by chatting with it. It's not trained for any of the specific tasks you see people talk about.

As for the on demand stuff -- I agree with you there. It will need to be able to "prompt itself", or whatever the closest analogue of self-determination is.


RealFrizzante t1_je195fe wrote

All those are through a console. It parses text, and outputs text.

AGI will be able to intervene in the world via all means a human can.

Tldr: Your experience and history as a human, irl is more than just what you have read and written throughout your life. And AI atm only does text, or images, sometimes both. But there are lots of things missing.


dokushin t1_je30otj wrote

Eh, from the LLM's perspective, all I am is words on a console, no? I don't think they have too much in the way of rich experience, yet, but it's possble for them to experience the world in some way we don't understand.

Regardless, I don't think that's necessary for general intelligence; what about people born blind? Deaf? Does that diminish their capacity as a sentient being? I agree that some level of connection with the environment is necessary, but I don't think it has to look exactly like the human experience.