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aalluubbaa OP t1_jds7maf wrote

How is that reasonable? Even if there is this God mentioned and depicted accurately, how do you know there is no fabrication to leverage those stories for one’s own good? And there is also no guarantee of reward for follow through the instructions given.

The creation story could be similar across many religions and cultures but the interpretations are mostly man made imo. I don’t believe that an entity that is powerful enough to create the universe would care the slightest one bit what any of us would think of him. The separation between humans and ant may not be comparable to a god and us but we don’t really care what any ant think or do or believe.

A human like god or a creator is possible but every lessons, belief system, or ritual attached to it is so superficial imho.


thatsitrrrt t1_jdsumef wrote

To be honest I have no answer for your questions and even if I had, I guess the only way to see christ comes from within. E.g holy ghost.

So thats the thing, I was atheist, despised religion in general, but liked the simulation theory. One day I got into trouble so bad that I kneeled and said, we'll Jesus if you are even listening take me out of this, and he did. Could be all coincidence, but there was like so many coincidences afterwards that I chose to never get back to my old world view. This was like 10 years ago BTW.

So yeah, not claiming christianism is the right thing for everyone, but it is to me and it satisfied a lot of misteries that science brought to me.