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boaking69 t1_je6dmai wrote

I work in biotech. I won’t say much except that I strongly suspect the answers to issues like these are on the horizon and will likely involve extremely personalized medicine.


AsuhoChinami t1_je6hc81 wrote

Let's hope my anxiety issues and CPTSD will be cured during the 30s.


aridiculousmess t1_je79iil wrote

im really sorry you struggle with this too. You're not alone. It's been really nice talking to GPT about it a little. So far phenibut and yellow vein kratom was the most effective but they're definitely not suitable for daily or near daily use, and both have their own dependency issue risks.
I'm sure there will be substances AI helped synthesize that were narrowed down from long lists of different substances depending on their theoretical receptor activity. I guess we'll see.


AdaptivePerfection t1_je7f5wu wrote

I’m someone who’s in tech and really interested in our biology and healing it due to how much I’ve been aided by different drugs and psychedelics over the years. What can you tell me as someone who’s interested in biotech but doesn’t know where to start?


Circ-Le-Jerk t1_je9ttcv wrote

Google has already solved the protein folding side of things... But it's going to require quantum computers with AI that's going to see that crazy explosion. Most people aren't aware how much qc will change things. But basically, allow for novel biomedical drug simulation at scale to brute force almost instantly new drugs that do whatever we want.