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humanefly t1_je6mvj7 wrote

Histamine intolerance and mast cell disorders can cause a different kind of hyper anxiety that does not respond to anti anxiety meds.

Many different viruses and bacteria can cause HI, although it's fairly uncommon it appears much much more common post Covid: it's becoming increasingly apparent that Long Haul Covid is a histamine or mast cell disorder.

There are often many more seemingly disconnected symptoms associated:

Some people find that reducing histamine intake in food can help them to manage their symptoms.

If you find that eating less histamine helps your symptoms, this is considered clinically significant, but it could also be that you have eliminated a food which you are intolerant or have allergic reaction to. This is a complex topic and medical oversight is required.

Yes: I think that AGI will help to manage many different illnesses, or cure them.